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Equestrian Hijabi

For many Muslims, the step to go to a regular riding school is often still very big. The equestrian world is not yet used to seeing “headscarves” and most Muslims, vice versa, are not yet used to entering a classic riding school. To build a bridge between the equestrian world and the Muslims, we also offer lessons in horse habituation and private beginners lessons for women and children.

Equestrian Hijabi Horse habituation and private beginner lessons

Horse habituation

For whom?
For children from 3 till 12 years old and ladies of all ages (max 80kg).


  • Horse habituation 15 € (30 min) and 25 € (1h)
  • Learn to brush and groom the horse 15 € (30 min) and 25 € (1h)
  • Private Beginner lesson horseback riding of (30 min) + horse brushing and harnessing (30min) 35 €
  • Guided forest walk on horseback 35 € (1h) and 50 euros for (2h)

* Prices are per person, max 2 participants per session. Private beginner lesson and the forest walk are completely individual because I currently have 1 horse available for this. Getting used to horses and learning to brush and groom can be done with max. 2 participants at the same time.

Horse habituation:
A number of basic skills are taught:

  • How do I get the horse out of the pasture?
  • Leading horses correctly. How am I a good leader for my horse?
  • We discuss the horse’s behavior.
  • How do I behave?
  • What is horse language, what does the horse want to tell me and how do I answer my horse in an animal-friendly way so that he understands me?
  • How do I take care of the horse?
  • What does the horse eat?

What can you expect during the horse habituation?

  • Brushing horse
  • Braid mane
  • Learn how horses communicate
  • Learn everything about the care of the horse
  • Learn to put on a halter
  • Learning to lead a horse
  • Groundwork basics
  • A ride on the horse under supervision
Horses calm the body and soul!

Private beginner lessons

The lessons are especially for riders without experience. The time is taken to explain and learn everything calmly. Beginner lessons last a total of 60 minutes, of which 30 minutes are driven and are always individual. Beginner lessons are possible from 6 years and are of course also for adult ladies.

Brief description of the course of a beginner lesson:

  • You learn to get the horse out of the meadow and tie it up.
  • You learn how to brush the horse and prepare it for riding.
  • When the horse is ready we get to work. We drive for 30 minutes. You learn to steer, determine the pace, trot, ride figures and work on posture and sitting.
  • After riding, the horse is saddled and brushed.
  • At the end of the hour you bring the horse back to the pasture.
  • In addition to riding and caring, you also learn how to handle the horse and you gradually learn what caring for a horse means.

We always work tailored to the participant.
Treating people and animals with respect is extremely important!