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Stylish horse riding with hijab

Assalamu 3laikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

We wish you a warm welcome on our Equestrian Hijabi Sportswear site! The first of it’s kind. We offer exclusive equestrian apparel for Muslim women.

The Equestrian Hijabi Sportswear fashion brand stands for Belgium design, modest, stylish, sportive and every day equestrian outfits for muslim women, with a touch of class…

Style is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

For Muslima riders

Our goal is to offer a solution for Muslimah’s who love horses and horse riding but are rather reluctant to go horseback riding due to the lack of decent riding outfits for Muslima riders. Horse riding with hijab is still quite exceptional in the West, therefore we want to support and encourage other Muslimah riders to follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu 3laihi Wa Sallam, and try out our stylish riding clothes without compromising on our beautiful religion of Islam.