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About us

Assalamu 3laikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Hello! My name is Raniyah, I am a converted Muslimah with Belgian roots and a great passion for horses.

I grew up in an average Belgian family and as a little girl my only dream was to have my own horse. I am very grateful that at the age of 10 my parents let me take riding lessons at a local riding school. Later I had a nursing horse, but my dream of having my own horse only came true years later. After my conversion in 2009, Alhamdulillah, I immediately started wearing a headscarf. A few years ago this became a tough ordeal for me, where I also did not wear my hijab for a couple of years. Just during that period I got my beautiful Haflinger gelding Seabiscuit, for which I am very grateful to Allah and to my husband. Fortunately, I found my way back to the headscarf, Alhamdulillah, which made me think about equestrian clothing that is “Muslim proof”, but also practical enough to ride a horse. And let’s be honest, appearance does matter, so I also wanted to look neat and stylish in combination with my headscarf.

After a search on the internet it turned out that there was not really much inspiration to be found about Muslim women riders and appropriate equestrian clothing. That was the beginning of my idea to set up Equestrian Hijabi Sportswear, an exclusive webshop with stylish equestrian clothing for Muslim women.

My goal is to design a fashion brand for chores in the stable, recreational riding as well as classy competition outfits in which the Muslimah rider can proudly show her true identity and be herself.

Through this way I hope to inspire other ladies to make their dreams come true and push their boundaries. Look for the things that make you happy, as my faith and my horse make me happy …

Love Raniyah